WEEK #28: 9 – 15 July 2018






 In this issue:


A. Announcements

B. Events

C. Visitors

D. Campus Updates

E. Faculty and Staff Travel

F. Classifieds (Jobs)




A. Announcements



(i) 50 Scholarships from Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives


The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of the Royal Thai Government has announced the launch of a new scholarship program for its employees to pursue Master’s and Doctoral programs at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Fifty employees (25 each for Master’s and Doctoral students) will be granted scholarships over the next five years (2018-2022).

The official announcement was made following the meeting of the Thai cabinet on 3 July 2018. Col. Athisith Chainuwat, Assistant Spokesperson of the Office of the Prime Minister, stated that the scholarships will be awarded for studies in engineering, environment, and management. A sum of 61.80 million Baht has been allocated for a period of five years. Scholarship recipients will have to return to work in the Ministry following their education.

The decision follows a review by the Civil Service Commission, which stipulated the need for human resource development in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. It was estimated that the Ministry needs to upgrade its manpower, and research and development capabilities, in light of the impending retirement of its senior employees.

Recipients of the scholarships will have to focus on research, knowledge development, and production and development of agricultural products. This is the fourth phase of the scholarship project, and it succeeds the third phase of the Overseas Scholarship Project, that expired in 2017.

External Links

Naewna: http://www.naewna.com/politic/349411

RY9: https://www.ryt9.com/s/cabt/2851200

MGR Online: https://mgronline.com/politics/detail/9610000066092






(ii) Acting Dean SET (28 Jun. – 13 Jul. 2018)

Email from Office of Dean SET (28 Jun. 2018)


Please be informed that Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul, Dean SET is on his annual leave from 28 June to 13 July 2018.

Dr. Matthew N. Dailey and Prof. Pennung Warnitchai have kindly agreed to serve as the Acting Dean for the following periods:

• 28 June - 6 July 2018:  Dr. Matthew N. Dailey, Department Head, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

• 9 - 13 July 2018: Prof. Pennung Warnitchai,  Department Head, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (CIE)






(iii) Dr. Chuenchom Chueluecha (Rehabilitation Physician) will be on leave


Please be informed that Dr. Chuenchom Chueluecha (Rehabilitation Physician) will be on leave on Friday, 13 th July 2018. For those who have an appointment with the doctor during this period, please re-schedule your appointment.






(iv) New Trial Databases : eBook Academic Collection and eBook Business Collection

Email from AIT Library (2 Jul. 2018)

Please be informed that EBSCO has offered a trial for eBook Academic Collection and eBook Business Collection. The trial period starts from now until the end of December 2018. Full-text downloads are available.

For your information:

eBook Academic Collection

Offering more than 170,000 e-books, this collection includes titles from leading university presses such as Oxford University Press, MIT Press, State University of New York Press, Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, McGill-Queen's University Press, Harvard University Press and many others. Additional academic publishers include Elsevier, Ashgate Publishing, Taylor & Francis, Sage Publications and John Wiley & Sons.

Subject coverage includes: Art, Business and economics, Education, Language arts and discipline, Literary criticism, Medical, Performing arts, Philosophy, Poetry, Political science, Religion, Social science, Technology and engineering, and other academic fields.

eBook Business Collection

This collection offers more than 18,000 business e-books selected to assist students and scholars with various business research, special project and entrepreneurial needs. A key resource for academic and business school libraries, eBook Business Collection encompasses a variety of topics, such as marketing, finance, supply chain management and entrepreneurship. Titles are available from many noteworthy academic and business publishers, including Oxford University Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, World Scientific Publishing Company, Princeton University Press, AMACOM and Gallup Press.

The URLs to access “eBook Academic Collection Trial” and “eBook Business Collection Trial” are:

eBook Academic Collection Trial:



Book Business Collection Trial:



Please note that off-campus users will be required to enter ID and Password.  User ID and Password will be provided by the Library upon request via e-mail to the library at library@ait.ac.th.

The Library hopes that these trial databases will be useful for your study and research.  If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the Library at library@ait.ac.th

Thank you very much for your attention.

AIT Library







(v) Webometrics


Email from OMCO (28 Jun. 2018)


From a Webometrics perspective, it is important to keep our Google Scholar Profiles up-to-date. Specifically, three simple steps on our part can help AIT improve its Webometrics profile:

 (1) Make your individual Google Scholar Profile public (and not private).

 (2) Verify your account using the AIT email id (using .ac.th  is better than using .asia).

 (3) Identify your institutional affiliation as "Asian Institute of Technology."

Ever since the relaunch of the AIT website (October 2017), we have made some improvements in our Webometrics rankings. Webometrics rankings use four parameters, and this includes Google Scholar Citations (10 %) and Scimago (35%).

Please appreciate that Webometrics collects data twice a year (1-20 January and 1-20 July). Since the next round is due from the 1st of July, it will be very helpful if we update our profiles within the next few days.






(vi) Online Performance Appraisal 2018 (covering the period 1 July 2017-30 June 2018)


Email from OHRS (2 Jul. 2018)

To all concerned immediate supervisors and Unit Heads of direct-hire (centrally-funded) staff members,


Please be informed that the online performance appraisal for this year 2018, covering the period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 is now open.

The annual online performance appraisal process was implemented since July 2014 following the approval of the AIT Management.

The online system can be accessed through the “PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL” link in the HRIS menu (https://hris.ait.ac.th ).  The immediate supervisors can complete the individual Performance Appraisal Reports for all the employees under their supervision, and individually (electronically) submit them.  The Unit Heads shall then review and endorse all completed Performance Appraisal Reports not later than 18 August 2018.

The online / web-based system archived the appraisal results since year 2014 (“Appraisal History” link in the HRIS menu) and will build up annual data that will be available to unit heads / immediate supervisors and AIT Management.  The process will be carried out in conjunction with the annual budget process.  Based on the annual performance appraisal results, which will be used for the purpose of determining the annual salary adjustment and staff training and development needs, financial implications can be taken into consideration in the following fiscal year’s budgets.  Please note that those with no performance evaluations will not be considered for any performance-based merit payments and/or salary increments.

Should you encounter technical problems, please report them to Helpdesk (helpdesk@ait.asia).  Please convey other feedback to HRO (hro@ait.asia ).






(vii) Register Now: Innovative Market Place


Email from AIT Solutions (6 Jul. 2018)


We are pleased to inform that the prize for the Innovative Market Place [innovative idea competition] has been increased to 20,000 THB for the winning team and 10,000 THB for the runner up.


Register now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeaJgTj0g9Bm7-DvrGS_jg9EIKkVTFz...


Live pitch (10-min presentation + 5-min Q&A) will be on 25 July 2018 at AITCC Auditorium in front of panel of experts.

This competition is open to all students (should be group 2-4 persons) who have creative ideas that can provide innovative solutions to the global issues by using green and clean technology, but are not commercialized yet. The ideas should fall under the following themes: Waste Management (reduction/ recycling); Safer Built Environment; Climate Change; Smart Cities.






(viii) 7th call for documentaries for the Visual Documentary Project (VDP)


Email from Director, Office of Academic Administration (6 Jun. 2018)


Greetings Filmmakers and Friends!

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University is calling for documentaries for the 7th Visual Documentary Project! Please circulate to all filmmakers in the region. Please help us reach out to young aspiring filmmakers in Southeast Asia!



THEME: Popular Culture and Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia: a region rich in popular cultural traditions. How do popular music, art, literature, theatre, comedy, dance, sport and film, move people in Southeast Asia?  What makes them laugh, cry and feel? Inspire us! For 2018, we open up the visual documentary project to documentaries that capture popular cultures across the region.




1. Applicants must be citizens from Southeast Asia or Japan.

2. Documentaries should be no longer than 30 minutes.

3. Applicants should make sure they have permission from any subjects that appear in the movies.

4. Documentaries should include English subtitles. Translation and subtitling is also the responsibility of applicants.

*Selected documentaries will be screened in their original languages with both Japanese and English subtitles. However, documentaries that are in English will only have Japanese subtitles added and vice versa.


DEADLINE: 31 August 2018




The Visual Documentary Project (VDP) was set up in 2012 by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). The aims of the project are to explore and introduce the rich diversity of contemporary Southeast Asia (SEA) through the medium of documentary films and to create bridges between academia, the SEA filmmaking community and civil society. From 2014, the Japan Foundation Asia Center joins this project as co-organizer to help widely promote the richness of Southeast Asian cultures to people in Japan. As of 2016, the project has linked up with numerous film schools in the region to help strengthen the documentary filmmaking network.

CONTACT: Visual Documentary project vdp@cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp






(ix) Rise in bicycle Theft / lock your bicycles


Email from OFAM (6 Jul. 2018)


We write this email to alert the community on the rise in bicycle theft cases recently. We request all the members to be aware about the below:


• AIT is a multicultural community and do not be too optimistic that your bicycle is safe even if it is not locked, few may grab the opportunity 

• Without informing the owner, taking some ones bicycle is equal to stealing and is a criminal offence punishable under Thai law.

• If your bicycle is not locked and is lost, OFAM/security might not support you to find it and will charge 100 baht to view the CCTV.

• Security is assigned to collect occasionally unused bicycles which are not in working condition for long period of time.


Rules to follow:

• Make sure to lock your bicycle, even if you are parking for few minutes

• Please register your bicycle at security office which might help to search your bicycle, if lost.

• Please report about any unused bicycles without owners, for more than 5 to 6 months, so that we can clear the parking areas.

• As much as possible, please park in the nearest designated parking areas. Moreover bicycle are not allowed to park in front of the Library. Please park in the designated area near the Library, otherwise security will lock the bicycle and fine will be charged (effective from 9th July 2018).

Based on the reported bicycle lost cases, we are trying to identify the thieves and we already have few suspects from the CCTV footages. We request the community for your kind cooperation to be vigilant and inform the security for any suspicious behaviour.






(x)Vacant Seats Available for Staff Vans


Email from Office of Human Resources Services (9 Jan. 2018)


Kindly be informed that the available seats for AIT Staff Vans are indicated as follows:


Route 1:  Latplakaow - Ramintra - Sapanmai - Phaholyothin km. 27 - AIT, still has 3 seats available (from 4 seats left 1 seat for relaxing space)

Route 2:  Sathorn - BTS Morchit  - Vibhavadi - AIT , still has 3 seats available  (from 4 seats left 1 seat for relaxing space )

Route 3 :  Nonthaburi - BTS Ministry of Public Health - Pongpetch - Laksi - Vibhavadi - AIT, still has 3 seats available (from 4 seats left 1 seat for relaxing space)

Route 4:  Thonburi- The Mall Tha-pra - Pinklao Intersection- Rama VII Bridge -Vibhavadi - AIT, still has 4 seats available (from 5 seats left 1 seat for relaxing space)


For further communication and reservation, please contract Khun Jirada at ext.5018 or jirada@ait.asia .




































B. Events


(i)    EVENTS


(a) Orientation for New Students: 3 Aug. 2018


An orientation program will be organized on 3 August 2018 for new students enrolled in the August 2018 semester.


More details: https://www.ait.ac.th/event/orientation-new-students/








(a) NRM Workshop on Applications of Google Earth Engine and Drone for Forest Carbon Measurement and Monitoring – Implications for the REDD+ Scheme: 9 Jul. 2018

Natural Resources Management Program, School of Environment, Resources and Development will organize a workshop on “Applications of Google Earth Engine and Drone for Forest Carbon Measurement and Monitoring – Implications for the REDD+ Scheme”.


Date: 9 July 2018 from 9:00 – 11:00 

Venue: AITCC Auditorium 

Fees: No fee

See more details of the program:



Four talks will be given followed by discussions:

• A Google Earth Engine Practice for On-demand Land Cover Mapping
Speaker: Hiroyuki Miyazaki, RS-GIS, Asian Institute of Technology

• Operational Forest Degradation Monitoring in Semi/Evergreen Forests using Google Earth Engine
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Langner, Joint Research Centre, Directorate D—Sustainable Resources, European Commission

• Determination of Thresholds for Eight Land Use Categories in Cambodia using a Combination of Google Earth Engine and Remote Sensing Technologies

Speaker: Manjunatha Venkatappa, Dr. Nophea Sasak, Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology

• Using Drone, Google Earth Engine and Remote Sensing Technologies for Forest Carbon Measurement – Results from two Case Studies in Thailand
Speaker: Dr. Nophea Sasaki, Manjunatha Venkatappa, Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology






(b) Seminar on "Achievement of Sustainable Production from the Perspective of Sustainable Development Goals" by Dr. Farhad Zulfiqar: 12 July 2018


Department of Food, Agriculture and Bioresources, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) will organize an Institute-Wide Seminar entitled “Achievement of Sustainable Production from the Perspective of Sustainable Development Goals” scheduled to be delivered by Dr. Farhad Zulfiqar,


Date:         12 July 2018, Thursday

Time:         3:00-4:00 PM

Venue:      Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium

Dr. Farhad Zulfiqar is an Assistant Professor at COMSATS University Islamabad.


He is a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. (Hons.) and Bronze Medalist in B.Sc. (Hons.) from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. His PhD is from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand with a doctoral dissertation on adoption of innovative production practices in Pakistan. Currently, he is the Principal Investigator of a research project on the potential of common pool resource management in the wake of climate change in Pakistan. His research centers on crosscutting issues including sustainable development in the context of climate change, common pool resource management, agricultural and natural resource sustainability, adoption of innovation, and food security.





(c)AIT-Tiger Leong International Innovation & Leadership Camp: 16 – 26 Jul. 2018


The AIT-Tiger Leong International Innovation and Leadership Camp was launched in 2017 by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in collaboration with its alumnus Ir. Tiger Leong, President, Ellipse Enterprise Malaysia. The camp brought together bright and talented undergraduate students from top universities in the Asia who were selected based on their leadership potential and excellent academic performance. The camp seeks to emerge as a premier leadership camp for promising students.

As part of AIT’s commitment to promote and train the new generation of students as future innovative leaders, the camp aims to nurture the entrepreneurial skills of young people and encourage them to be innovative through increasing their capacity and knowledge to become leading citizens. Students can gain new knowledge, skills through a combination of workshops, seminars, motivational talks, and site visits to pioneering industries in Thailand. The camp is facilitated by the Innovation Lab at AIT Solutions, a creativity hub dedicated to bringing together students, industries, researchers to develop innovative solutions addressing important social and economic challenges.







(d) ICUE 2018 on Green Energy for Sustainable Development: 24 – 26 Oct. 2018


AIT will organize ICUE 2018 on Green Energy for Sustainable Development from 24 – 26 October 2018 at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Karon, Phuket, Thailand.

The organizer has received almost 300 abstracts so far from over 40 different countries.

Still many requests for extension are coming and so the deadline is further moved to 15 May 2018. New submissions can either be abstracts or full papers.

Notification of acceptance for the new submissions will be by 31 May 2018.

For further information, please contact visit our website:

www.icue2018.ait.ac.th  and  www.icue.ait.ac.th/2018

or contact:

Conference Secretariat at email: icue2018@ait.ac.th

More details: http://eecc.ait.ac.th/events/icue-conference-2018/






(e) 7th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engineering
Seismic Resilience for Safer Cities and Infrastructures: 22-25 Nov 2018

Urbanization is one of the major global challenges of this era. To address the issues related to safety of cities and infrastructure, the 7th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engineering (7ACEE 2018) is being jointly organized by AIT and Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) in collaboration with the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines Inc. (ASEP), from 22 – 25 November 2018 in Bangkok.

Engineers, architects, professionals, students, institutes, universities, and organizations are invited to submit abstracts and share their experience under the theme Seismic Resilience for Safer Cities. Download Abstract Template

All who are submitting Abstracts or papers are also requested to provide a short biography (no more than 100 words) and recent photo that will be published in both the conference program and the conference proceedings.

Open for Abstract Submission - Mar 1, 2018

Deadline for Abstract Submission - Apr 15, 2018

Registration Deadline - Aug 31, 2018  

More details: http://acee2018.org/








(a) LC Bridging Program 2018: 18 June – 26 July

Please be informed that the start of the Bridging Program for this year has been postponed with two weeks to allow more students to enroll. It was noted that for some departments the start of the program comes too soon and that they are still in the process of nominating students.

The updated program dates:

18 June - 26 July (30 hrs of study per week) 

Fee: 50,400 THB.

Department 1/2 fee scholarship:


Please note that the AIT-MT has endorsed the opportunity for departments to sponsor students with academic potential with a half fee scholarship. (i..e, the candidate pays 50% and the department sponsors 50% of the fees).


In brief, the program aims to assist those students with academic potential who do not meet the AIT English language requirements to be ready for admission by August. Candidates eligible to join the program are currently at a level of AIT-EET 4.5 or IELTS equivalent.

Results from the past:

Results from the past have shown that students can make great progress in the development of their English skills over the course of the program and that they feel more confident and better prepared to start their course work in English. Over the years, the LC has been able to prepare all candidates joining the BP to be ready for admission. On average students improve with 0.5 - 1.0 band on the AIT-EET scale / IELTS equivalent.

More info:

Please contact us at languages@ait.ac.th for more information or visit our website http://www.languages.ait.asia/bridging-program/






(b) Chinese Course for Beginners: May-July 2018


The Language Center will organize Chinese Course for Beginners as follows:

Chinese Course for Beginners (15 May – 3 July 2018)

Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 – 18:30, 2 times/week, Total 20 hours

The course fee is 1,000THB due to the kind support of the Chinese Government through the Confucius Institute.  (Refunds are not available.)


Class Size: 15 persons

Register now at the Language Center, Room 216






(c) Chinese Course for Beginners: 5 Jun. – 19 Jul. 2018


The Language Center will organize Chinese Course for Beginners as follows:

Chinese Course for Beginners (5 June - 19 July 2018)

Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 – 18:30, 2 times/week, Total 20 hours

The course fee is 1,000THB due to the kind support of the Chinese Government through the Confucius Institute.  (Refunds are not available.)


Class Size: 15 persons

Register now at the Language Center, Room 216





(d)Thai Language Reading and Writing Course for Beginners: June – July 2018

The Language Center will organize Thai Language Reading and Writing Course for Beginners as follows: 

Thai Language Reading and Writing for Beginners

Duration: 5 June – 19 July 2018

Dates: Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 – 18:30 hrs., 2 times/week, Total 20 hours

Course Fee: 2,000 baht

Class Size: 15 persons

Interested persons please register now at the Language Center, Room 216














































C. Visitors / MoU


• Delegation from AIST, Japan, led by Dr. Satoshi Sekiguchi, Vice President for International Collaboration and Dr. Yoshio Tanaka, Director of Information Technology Research Institute, AIST / 9 Jul. 2018 / to discuss for further collaboration between AIT and AIST and MoU renewal























D. Campus Updates


(i) VACANT SHOP available for lease in the Institute Arcade (Room C-132 and Room C - 135)


Email from OPIA – Purchasing (2 Jul. 2018)

Vacant shops are available for lease in the Institute Arcade (Room C- 132 and Room C - 135).

We would like to invite interested parties to submit their proposal to the OPIA (Purchasing) until  16 July 2018.

For further information you may contact:-

*  Purchasing Office (for bidding details):

Email:  purchasing@ait.ac.th  / Tel:  02 524 5027

*  Auxiliary (for TOR & shop requirement):

Email: bethc@ait.ac.th  / Tel: 02-524 6323, 02 524 5026





(ii) Dessert and Snacks Counter available at The AIT Cafeteria

Email from OPIA – Purchasing (2 Jul. 2018)

Dessert and Snacks Counter at the AIT Cafeteria available for food


Interested parties are invited to submit your proposals by hand or email to

the Purchasing Office (purchasing@ait.ac.th)  not later than 3.30p.m. on Monday, 16 July 2018.


Contact persons:

*  For Bid information and submission:
Khun Vasvan:  Tel - 02524 5027; Email vasvan@ait.ac.th

*  For Space information & requirements:   
Khun Elizabeth:   Tel - 02524 6323; Email bethc@ait.asia




(iii) Korea House Renovation

Email from OFAM (22 Mar. 2018)


Please be informed that renovation of the Korea House has started from Monday, 26 March 2018 and is expected to be ready soon.



















E. Faculty and Staff Travel 


Dr. Thi Phuoc Lai Nguyen / Rome, Italy / 17 June – 9 July 2018

Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut / Paris, France / 24 June – 11 July 2018

Mr. Callum Mackenzie / Bengaluru, India / 26 – 30 June 2018*

Mr. Andes Rodrigo Parraguirre Alvarado / Bengaluru, India / 26 – 30 June 2018*

Mrs. Rowena Alcoba / Bengaluru, India / 26 – 30 June 2018*

Ms. Panchica Koonchaimang and Ms. Suthida Phosuwan / Bengaluru, India / 26 – 30 June 2018*

Prof. Manukid Parnichkun / Chiangmai, Thailand / 27 – 29 June 2018 /

Dr. Jai G. Singh / India / 29 June – 5 August 2018

Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh / San Francisco, California, USA / 30 June – 13 August 2018

Dr. Naveed Anwar / Colombo, Sri Lanka / 1 – 6 July 2018*

Dr. Pisut Koomsap / Istanbul, Turkey and Bologna, Italy / 1 – 9 July 2018

Mr. Sanjeev Pradeep Jayasinghe / Columbo, Sri Lanka / 4 – 11 July 2018

Prof. Sivanappan Kumar / Colombo, Sri Lanka / 5 – 7 July 2018*

Dr. Wattanaporn Meskuntavon and Mr. Shoengchay Thuntarucks / Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand / 6 July 2018*

Ms. Worawan Sumroetrum / Chonburi, Thailand / 6 – 8 July 2018*

Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha / Kathmandu, Nepal / 7 – 15 July 2018

Mr. Ashok Dahal / Enschede, The Netherlands / 7 – 27 July 2018

Dr. Jonathan Leslie Shaw / Colombo, Sri Lanka / 6 – 11 July 2018

Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam / 8 – 12 July 2018

Prof. Kyoko Kusakabe / Yangon, Myanmar / 10 – 16 July 2018

Ms. Phyu Sin / Chonburi, Thailand / 12 – 14 July 2018

Mr. Sufian Etea / Chonburi, Thailand / 12 – 14 July 2018

Ms. Kluaymai Thongkham / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / 14 – 20 July 2018

Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi / Eberswalde, Germany / 14 – 22 July 2018

Dr. K. R. Salin / Berlin, Germany / 14 – 22 July 2018


*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)





















F. Classifieds (Jobs)


Faculty Position (Assistant Professor or Associate Professor) (School of Engineering & Technology)

Ref. No. Fac 02/18

Deadline: 31 July 2018



 Position: Administrative Staff (Senior Librarian) (AIT Library)

Ref. No. 33/18

Deadline: 31 July 2018



Position: Administrative Staff (Library Assistant) (AIT Library)

Ref. No. 34/18

Deadline: 31 July 2018



Position: Technical Staff (Lab Technician) (School of Environment, Resources & Development)

Ref. No. 32/18

Deadline: 31 July 2018



 Administrative Staff ( Program Officer) (School of Engineering & Technology)

Ref. No. 35/18

Deadline: 15 August 2018



Faculty Position: Associate/Assistant Professor (School of Engineering & Technology )

Ref. No. Fac 04/18

Deadline: 17 August 2018



Dual position for Director of the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology (COEN) and faculty member (School of Engineering & Technology)

Ref. No. Fac 06/18

Deadline: 30 August 2018



Faculty Position: Assistant Professor (School of Engineering & Technology)

Ref. No. Fac 03/18

Deadline: 31 August 2018



Position: Director/PRINCIPAL for AIT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (AIT International School) (AIT International School)

Ref. No. 31/18

Deadline: 31 August 2018